We are so happy when we welcome new designers to our online fashion retailer! Potnia is a greek upcoming jewelry brand that concetrates on handmade discreet and timeless jewelry that are characterized with intuitive and experiential design ideas. 
Potnia is an Ancient Greek word for "Mistress, Lady" and a title of a goddess. The word was inherited by Classical Greeks from Mycenean Greeks with the same meaning and it was applied to several goddesses. The greek element can be easily detected through the geometrical and minimal lines. 
Browse now the new entries!

'Kavere' Silver Ring | 'Kavere' Silver Pendant | 'Kavere' Gold Plated Silver Rings 1 & 2
'Kavere' Gold Plated Silver Cuff Bracelet 1 & 2
Shop now your favorite styles at www.yfos.eu
Stay tuned cause many more new items are dropping in the following days!

The YFOS Team

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