You are sitting at a beach bar.
Sunkissed, your hair is still wet & you look dashing in your SUN SET GO bikini.
The air is hot & moist.
All you are longing for is a refreshing cocktail to cool you down.
You glance over at the bar.
The bartender looks back at you & it feels like he is reading your thirsty mind.
Before you even realize it, he is serving you your desire in a chilled Collins glass.
Get tipsy drinking your SUN.SET.GO! cocktail. Indulge every sip of it...
Visit and shop the cocktail inspired collection designed from Deppy Bournazou and Alexandra Anagnostou.

Photographer | Yiorgos Kaplanidis (

Hair & Make-up | Dimitris Sarantou (

Model | Nefeli Georgala (

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