Greece is famous for hot summers and sunshiny days! 
We are in the heart of summer and it's time for all of us to shine!
Summer and the living is easy, people are happier, faces are prettier,
bodies are fit and tanned, beaches are cool and the sun is shinning!
Our team took a mini trip to Vravrona (Greek-Βραυρώνα),
an urban area on the eastern coast of Athens
in the Attica Region of Greece.
Vavrona is known for the Sanctuary of Artemis,
a sacred site dedicated to the Greek Goddess.
It is located next to the idyllic Aegean Sea, on a small inlet. 

Vravrona is not only known for the archeological site.
Many people visit the area in summer because of the beach,
beach bars, and the traditional seafood restaurants.
It's a tourist destination and the location of many
Athenians summer houses.

We took a break from the city and spent a day
next to the Aegean, se-a-zing the Mediterranean sun.
Our Greek goddesses shined in beachwear, swimwear and accessories.
What would you shine in this summer?

Hair & Make Up | Yfos Team. 
Models | Elena Komninou & Maria Papagewrgiou.

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