Margarita Chrissaki, a Greek-born artist, designer and breakdancer began making jewelry before she could read or write. Her passion for music, films, art, world travels along with her career as a breakdancer in Greece were the source of inspiration that resulted in thousands of designs. Unique designs for strong personalities that have a passion for the exotic and thirst for adventure.
Thrill-seekers and summer -lovers who hunger for Eastern vibes with a taste of Mediterranean flavour.
Meherio Tropicana Spring/Summer 2014, (meherio means mermaid in Tahitian) is a unique collection of exotic, simple, yet elegant earrings, rings ,neclaces and bracelets for all the beautiful mermaids around the world.

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Photographer | Athina Chrissaki

Creative Directors/Concept/Styling | Athina & Margarita Chrissaki

Model | Athena Aravanis

Makeup | Elena Chatzinikolidou

Body Paint | Marina Valinou

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