[ yfos: (greek: ύφος) n. (pronnounced i-fos) style || air, look, attitude ]

YFOS is your style.
YFOS is your attitude.
YFOS is your personal 'aura'.

Bringing uniqueness to your YFOS is our goal.
We are YFOS, an online fashion retailer focusing on the talent and craftsmanship of up and coming Greek designers. We offer one-of-a-kind and limited production clothing, jewelry and accessories designed and hand crafted in Greece.

The F Blog is a diary presenting Yfos Online Shop's journey.
Our shop is based in Athens, a city of great history and culture.
Through our blog we want promote Greek fashion and culture by sharing our work, photos and ideas.
Our goal is to inspire the unique personality in every woman, the woman with Yfos.
Connect with us and feel free to express yourself with comments 
and interaction through the means that suits your Yfos.

find us at  www.yfos.eu

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